OSRS Ice Burst: Requirements & Comparison with Ice Barrage

Ice Burst OSRS is the most common Ancient spell used in the Fight Pits and Castle Wars. If you want to know more about this spell, read our Ice Burst guide below to learn its requirements, effect and others.

General information on Ice Burst OSRS
Ice Burst is an Ancient spell OSRS which can be used in Castle Wars and the Fight Pits. Ice Burst can do damage in a 3×3 square area up to 9 targets when cast, and hit up to 22 damage per cast without any magic damage boosts. Moreover, it can freeze your targets and immobilize them for 10 seconds
Runes cost: 2 death runes, 4 chaos runes and 4 water runes.

Requirements for casting Ice Burst OSRS
Ice Burst requires a Magic level of 70 to cast. In addition, as Ice Burst belongs to Ancient Magicks OSRS, the spell cast requires the completion of the Desert Treasure quest. If you have not completed this quest, you may need OSRS Desert Treasure quest helper on our site for the Ice Burst spell.

Comparison with Ice Barrage OSRS
Ice Barrage OSRS is a spell that can hit up to 30 damage as well as being able to freeze opponents in a 3×3 area, which requires level 94 Magic to cast. Compared with Ice Barrage, Ice Burst OSRS has the lower level requirement and lower cost (2 blood runes, 4 death runes and 6 water runes for Ice Barrage). Ice Barrage may hit more damage than Ice Burst.

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