Optical component characteristics

1) New wavelength laser rod (crystal rod)
Mid-infrared crystals with a wavelength of 2~3um, such as Er1.5Y1.5Al5O12 (2.94um), due to the absorption coefficient of water at this wavelength is 1 (compared to 10-4 compared to 1.06um), optical waveplate manufacturer components are widely used in medicine. application.
2) Laser crystals for semiconductor optical components and small optical components
Semiconductor superlattice, an important application of quantum well materials in optoelectronic technology is the fabrication of semiconductor quantum well optical components (QWLD). QWLD is widely used due to its high efficiency (60%), small size, reliability and excellent cost. It has developed rapidly since the 1980s, and commercial QLWD has covered the 630~2000nm band.
Semiconductor laser crystals: AlGaAs, InGaAiP, InGaAs, InGaAs, InGaAsP, InGaAsP.
3) High average power density laser rod (crystal rod)
The zero order/multiple order/achromatic optical waveplate components currently used in industrial processing are mainly CO2 optical components and Nd:YAG optical components. Due to the use of high-power semiconductor optical components as pump sources, multi-rod series combination systems have been used in the structure, and slats have been developed. New structural systems such as optical components and cylindrical high precision optical waveplate components enable Nd:YAG optics to achieve high average power density in kilowatts.
High-quality large-sized yttrium gallium garnet Nd:Gd3Ga5O12 (Nd:GGG) has been developed on the garnet substrate, which is easier to grow than YAG and is more suitable for laser diode pumping.
4) Tunable laser rod (crystal rod)
The tunable laser crystal can be tuned by a certain range of laser wavelengths by virtue of the fact that the d-d transition of the transition metal ion is susceptible to the lattice field.
Cr3+: LiCaAlF6 and Cr3+: LiSrAlF6 are currently the best tunable laser crystals doped with Cr3+ with a tuning range of 0.78~1.01um. The former two crystals have good mechanical properties and the latter have good laser performance. Cr3+: MgSiO4 is a tunable crystal with the widest fluorescence width (680~1400um).

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