Nike Air Max 90 Hyperfuse

Nike trainers MensþÿWith the release of news colorways of Nike Air Max 90, this sneaker again becomes one of the hottest topics among the sneakers fans. The latest released version is named Nike Air Max 90 Hyperfuse. The shoe is crafted using a lighter and more breathable material called Hyperfuse technology in the place of the normal material of leather with mesh in the past AM 90 shoes.

Nike Air Max 90 shoes have another name of Air Max III shoes. The shoe is considered as the brother series with Air Max I (Air Max 87) shoes which were originally released in the year of 1987. Air Max shoes are always the favorite at the market.

Nike Air Max
However, as the increasing popularity of the sneakers, here comes one question that is Air Max 90 good for running? It is known to all that this series of sneakers were first designed to add to Nike Running shoes. But as time goes by, this series of sneakers have more function if the daily fashion rather than sports feature like running or playing basketball.

Nike air max 90 womens
There are several which are the attractive elements of Air Max 90 shoes; however they are also the points that make the sneakers not suitable for running. First of all, the frequently used suede leather in upper. This material used in the shoe can be easily got dirty but not easily

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