Nike Air Max 270 Get the White Blue Colorways

Nike Air Max 270 and Air Max 95 introduce a new white and blue color matching series. The main body of the shoe is pure white, and the air cushion is filled with a refreshing sky blue. The soles are all blue and red gradient design, just like the collision of magma and sea water, it is very cool. The white and blue mix is ​​very refreshing and suitable for summer wear.

Nike Air VaporMax air cushions have brought us absolute surprises in terms of both visual and foot. With the increasing number of shoes equipped with VaporMax air cushions, Nike has more and more radical design new products. Today, a brand new shoe has exposed the picture, which is simple and technically rich in gray. The boots in this pair are equipped with a VaporMax air cushion in the back half. Not only is this the first appearance of VaporMax, but the soles have a lot of hollow design, which makes the shoes feel like “high heels”. I am afraid to walk on uneven roads. The shoe body is designed with a sock sleeve, which is matched with different texture effects of various materials. The far-sighted and near-reward has a full sense of technology. The name of the shoe may be called Nike Air VaporMax Light 2, and there is no update on it yet, we will pay more attention.

After the 20th anniversary of the crazy release last year, Nike’s Air Max Uptempo 97 seems to fade out of people’s vision. Recently, the OG color matching „College Navy“ is about to be re-released. In front of this pair of Nike Air Max Uptempo 97 „Collge Navy“ with the most OG color return with black and white as the main color with the navy blue design, won the absolute visual impact! Even the classic water droplets are also made of navy blue, with a white midsole and outsole. This is a refreshing and eye-catching, not only contains feelings, but also an excellent guarantee for the street return rate!

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