New York Yankees are all known to have spoken

Source Arm Issue Puts Felix Extension In Jeopardy – RealGM WiretapThe Mariners have grown concerned about the condition of Felix Hernandez’s throwing elbow as a long-term deal is discussed Jake Rudock Womens Jersey , according to a source.

The two sides had discussed the framework of a seven-year, $175 million deal.

According to sources, the Mariners and Hernandez are not close to finishing an extension as of Sunday afternoon.

„It’s an issue,“ said one source of the perceived elbow ailment.

Hernandez is signed for the next two seasons.

Online Lies Won’t Be Felony Crimes, Agrees Congress Online Lies Won’t Be Felony Crimes, Agrees Congress December 2, 2013 | Author: Cornelius Nunev | Posted in Internet Business Online

On Sept. 14 Graham Glasgow Womens Jersey , George Washington University teacher of regulation Orin Kerr authored an Op-Ed in the Wall Street Journal detailing the horrors that would occur if the “Facebook Felony” bill became a reality and made telling lies online a felony. The 1980′s cyber-security bill being revised has been altered several times; the “Facebook Felony” might not be a choice any more, but there are still possibly severe modifications.

Facebook Felony facts

Teacher Kerr explained that the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act were written in 1986. It would have made it a felony to lie online. With the regulation, it would not have been okay to lie online at any time. This involved during all services. This means that creating an account with a fake name, lying about your age, or even putting a phony weight on a dating profile could all count as felonies. The change to the regulation is intended, however, to target hackers that challenge the security of significant computer networks.

Amendment protects individuals

The update to the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act is considered an amendment by the Senate Judiciary Committee after suggestions for individuals such as Kerr. The amendment specifically exempts “access in violation of a contractual obligation or agreement A’Shawn Robinson Womens Jersey , such as an acceptable use policy or terms of service agreement, with an Internet service provider, Internet site, or non-government employer, if such violation constitutes the sole cause for determining that access to a guarded computer is unauthorized.” Al Franken and Chuck Grassley imagined of several examples that should not be a felony but aren’t ethical still in the debate. Things such as reviewing your business positively on FourSquare with anonymous accounts are unethical although they don’t constitute a felony. In order to get bullies prosecuted, cyber security Statues has been used.

What to look at out for

There is certainly an ever-increasing focus on online identity and security, no matter what Congress does. The Justice Department prosecutes a female in 2009 for making a MySpace profile that was not real. One person created a program to buy tickets from TicketMaster last year. This led to prosecution too. Many of these laws preventing unauthorized access could be used in civil cases as well as criminal. Following the terms of service on any site you choose to use is always significant. The likelihood that you’ll be prosecuted for lying about your age on a dating site might be low Taylor Decker Womens Jersey , but it is always a good idea to read and understand the full terms of service so you know the rights and responsibilities you are going to be held accountable for.

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