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Cancer: cancer bride is kind of a delicate feeling full of sentimental people, they prefer classical temperament of bridesmaid dresses. Agree with classic style, the old value, nostalgia is one of the features of them. Therefore, choose to have the marriage gauze of nostalgic feeling is their favorite, long veil, the classical element such as embroidery lace can let their mood.


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Leo: Leo bride in a simple warm and cheerful, strong personality, stamina and vitality. On the choice of bridesmaid dresses, and many times they were concerned about taste does not care about the price, is a famous brand advocates.


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Virgo: virgo the bride is a perfectionist, meticulous work, the most things they prefer also have strong cognitive. They wouldn’t be fashion, trend, and big, even it must have been “too”, “popular”, “too complicated” style are they knocked out reason, their preference and elegant style, the depositary their noble elegant temperament.


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Libra: libra in the face of this “only once in a lifetime” choice, will revolve difficult to decide. Violet color is the lucky color of libra bride, might as well let purple to bring themselves good luck, shimmering diamond jewelry on collocation, very elegant and moving.

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