NBA 2K18 Soundtrack List Revealed

2K Sports has announced the lineup of songs that will be present in its pro basketball game this year,nba mt It’s comprised of 49 songs, one fewer than that of NBA 2K17. MyGM: The Next Chapter puts you in the role of a former player who has been given the opportunity to be a general manager after being away from the game for six years. It’s a “narrative-driven story-based franchise experience.” Picture MyCareer, only you’re the general manager.

There will be cutscenes that challenge you to handle back room scenarios, conversations with players, the owner, your staff, the press and other general managers around the league. The blog stresses one theme: this is not a canned experience that will see every gamer experiencing the same situations and drama.

Per Boenisch, “your path will be determined by the choices you make and the answers you provide at the many key points in the narrative.” Very little of the actual story was given to protect the integrity of plot.
Super Max Contracts: You will be able to sign players to extensions similar to the ones signed by Golden State Warriors’ point guard Stephen Curry and Houston Rockets guard James Harden.
Exception Amounts: The MLE will increase by 45%.
Rookie Scale Contracts: The Rookie Scale will also increase by 45%.
Minimum Annual Salary: The league minimum contract will rise by 45% beginning with the 2017-18 NBA season.
Annual Increases: Players with ‘Bird Rights’ will now be eligible for 8% annual raises. Non-Bird players are eligible for 5%.
Maximum Salaries: Players will have new maximum salaries calculated using the actual Salary Cap.
Over-38 Rule: The Over-36 Rule wasn’t previously supported in NBA 2K, but the new rule binding teams to the contract restrictions of signing a player that turns 38 during the contract.
Stretch Provision: This is also new to NBA 2K. When a player is waived using the Stretch provision, the team will not be able to re-sign or re-acquire the player until July 1 of the season where the contract ends.Read More

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