Moisture problem of sports floor panels

After a lot of research data and years of experience, the panels of sports flooring can generally be used for 20-30 years. In order to ensure such a long service life, customers need to pay attention to inspection and maintenance during the use process, because some cases lead to interlock detachable elastic double tier sport flooring. It can be refurbished and repaired, and some cases are irreversible once they appear.
Sports flooring, visited the market for many years, found that some elastic double tier sport flooring panels on the market, its service life and effect is not guaranteed, the following sports floor manufacturers on the panel to do the following brief analysis:
1. The panel of the sports floor is very important. It should not only be beautiful, comfortable, and elastic, but also wear-resistant and non-slip. It must be dried twice to design moisture according to the equilibrium moisture content of the area to avoid deformation. The problems involved here came out. If you look for sports construction companies, floor distributors, decoration companies, they do not have factories themselves, they are all going to wholesale goods, how to design moisture.
note! Moisture problem of sports floor panels
2. China’s climate in the north and south is quite different, so various problems will inevitably occur in use. In addition, ordinary UV paint can not guarantee anti-slip, anti-slip paint has imported, domestic, such as Germany imported UV UV light solid wear-resistant anti-slip paint, the price is 3-5 times domestic UV paint, so the general Manufacturers can not afford, then these two points just explain that when we buy sports floor panels, we should look for professional sports flooring manufacturers, you can have a professional sports floor construction team, professional sports floor design engineers, to ensure The professionalism of sports flooring.
In general, the price and quality of the panel is always proportional, and the prefabricated elastic double tier sport flooring reminds consumers to try not to be cheap when buying. There is another situation that customers should pay attention to, that is, if there is a quality problem, the manufacturer says that the seller is caused by poor management of the seller, and should go to the seller; and the seller will say that it is a problem of the construction personnel. Not my responsibility; and the construction unit said that it is a quality problem of wood flooring, it is time to find a manufacturer. In this way, not only is the problem difficult to solve, but it is also prone to disputes and consumers are hurt. And directly choose the manufacturer, production and installation in one, there is a problem, the manufacturer is naturally unable to get rid of the relationship.

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