Marriage wedding ring should be worn on the hands of what?

Wearing the ring on which hand? Wedding wear law? Wedding ring should be worn on which finger? Marriage wedding ring should be worn on the hands of what? Wedding wear law is luxurious, wearing the ring on which hand? According to Western traditions, the left hand shows God give you luck. Thus, wearing the ring on the left hand is the most auspicious and most can bring happiness. The concrete should the wedding ring worn on which finger of the left hand? Wedding photography which takes you first to understand the difference between an engagement ring and a wedding ring.
Engagement rings and wedding rings, are part of the marriage contract belongs, and thus can be called a wedding ring. The difference is that an engagement ring is a gift to the woman the man, worn by the woman, the man representing the love for the woman; but the wedding is the wedding ring of male and female both sides must wear wedding keepsake, representing the two steadfast love and proof of marriage.
In general, the engagement ring should be worn on the girl’s left middle finger, indicating that are in love or have been engaged; they have worn wedding rings in Cheap Prom Dresses both male and female ring finger on his left hand, indicating already married.
Why wedding ring on the ring finger to bring it?
First, the early Western medicine, hands and fingers in the left ring finger with the heart of the distance recently, it will represent a marriage ring on his left ring finger, to reflect the status of divine love, and let the two affiliated. Second, the middle finger bent hands down, with his back to back close together, the other 4 fingers tips to tips. In addition to the ring finger, the other three fingers can easily open, only the ring finger how are inseparable. This wonderful physiological phenomenon confirms more wear a wedding ring on the ring finger of special significance.
Which hand wearing a wedding ring? Ring wear long arts in ancient Egypt, ancient Rome, ancient China and has been documented in the ring as well as Cheap Prom Dresses 2016 different cultural origins of symbolic significance. In addition to the marriage of love, but also be used as a power, a symbol of wealth and decorative purposes. In modern times, the ring wearing a law with a comprehensive and emotional stretch.
Rings with different meanings in different methods: the index finger – want to get married, unmarried represents; middle finger – already in love; ring finger – said that it has engaged or married; little finger – indicates celibacy; thumb generally do not wear rings, rings It should generally be worn on the left hand
In gender classification, boys and girls wear the ring meaning is also a great difference. Boys wear a silver ring that gentle, easy to accommodate others; Wearing a gold ring were more concerned about the interests, there will always be a smart business sense; Dai Jade who focus on taste quality, and so strict; do not like the ring have ornamentation who is convinced that love people . Girls love pink diamond or pink corals are, rich and romantic feelings; love Ruby’s Some Like It Hot; like sapphire or aquamarine, more introverted cool; who, like emerald or turquoise, delicate emotion.
Ring fine shape, very compelling, star actors often exaggerated and sparkling ring as the hand decoration, manufacturing plump image visual effect. In their view, the ring is more often an ornament, which is worn on which finger is not so particular about. However, the general public, people still wear the ring of considerable importance, particularly on behalf of love and marriage wedding ring, be sure not to wear wrong, to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding, resulting in embarrassment.
Read the contents of the above, you know wearing the ring Which hand? Wedding ring with different meanings in different law do?

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