MapleStory – When the rainbow Maplestory Items

MapleStory – When the rainbow Shrimp narrative is in Maplestory Items nostalgia …

Contest entries of subscribers Hoang Tung Linh with the match MapleStory.

For gamers of the previous 8x generation like me, though, has gone through countless role-playing games with all sorts of genuine 3D graphics, horrible graphics, unique gameplay, not one goal … but never acquired a title. Could be defeat MapleStory, a 2D chibi game, with very straightforward gameplay: horizontal scrolling, jump and strike … encapsulated in a couple of keyboard buttons but it is enough for me and your buddies to love.

I heard from MapleStory accidentally, when his friend “super reverse” the table snatched the book Hoa Hoc Tro to see amusement throughout the drama. With 10 short introductory lines, we have not imagined that this game has such a strange charm.

At the moment, it was a problem to download over 1GB of MS clients. After a 10-hour net download, we also need to accumulate around four new USB storage ability to copy the game folder. For your next time don’t need to sit back and await download again. Sitting all day but nobody was tired, just excited to see every line% departure, waiting for the complete fruity mushroom, poking pigs, picking up every cent to buy some blood vials.

Game level up is tough, but the incorrect point is that the character is so feeble that “crying” should depart the new child. We Must plow again about buy Maplestory Mesos two times, most of our staff, the veteran to plow 6-7 days, dropped the Entire month called the offense of plowing … D

MapleStory is a foreign game, exchange directions to complete the game is English … that game has come out so no Vietnamese “old village” this question. So divided up, each guy takes on a task, then it’s universal to the brothers. A few days, the entire gang has to fight to conquer the wild boar on obligation. It’s just a monster, maybe not a lousy boss for the orange. The play is so weak as a slug, to observe the pig felt like a monster, that was identified as the plug in running the clock to the remaining people to conquer. 1 hour to finish the pursuit, hard work.

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