Maintenance knowledge of portable ballast crusher

In the production of modernization, stone, portable ballast crusher must be used. In mechanism sand blasting equipment many inside, portable ballast crusher plays a very important role. new portable ballast crusher has a great advantage in the same industry production and processing all kinds of equipment, but in the actual operation of the process due to various reasons and the emergence of all kinds of fault.

Below together to have a look some matters needing attention to portable ballast crusher operation. Before the mechanism sand blasting equipment operation, the first thing to do is to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the mechanism sand blasting equipment.If it is found that the mechanism sand equipment parts, connection position is loose, to tighten the screws in a timely manner; if mechanism sand blasting equipment foundation strength enough, is leads to the production time of vibration and instability, this time to replace sand making equipment or replace a greater intensity of the foundation, to ensure the smooth production.

When carries on the inspection to the portable ballast crusher, we should pay attention to the crushing cavity portable ballast crusher, is not can have before the foreign body or production not clean material, even the iron wire, iron and other hard objects, all of these may cause fatal damage to the portable ballast crusher.

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