limestone and gypsum comparison principle

Comparison and reference concrete principles of the above three methods can be based on technical reference cement concrete without limestone and gypsum on, and compared with the reference concrete. This is an important principle for mix design of domestic engineering easier to accept. Some experts on international advocate of limestone and gypsum concrete since the new resources and new basic components, will be a unique product, independent design principles, not affected by traditional method.

This may be one of the directions of technological progress, but in the first stage of the popularization and application of limestone and gypsum concrete technology, can not exceed the benchmark concrete compared with the efficiency of the foundation.In the third chapter introduces the effects of limestone and gypsum and its efficiency, have been on this issue made a theoretical explanation, from the practical look, this is the way to design the rational method than the promotion of early must go through the limestone and gypsum concrete mixture.

Particularly important is, at present our country reinforced concrete design and construction of standardized yet and limestone and gypsum concrete application of technical specifications and rules interrelated, or the technology of limestone and gypsum concrete under certain conditions as suitable for reinforced concrete reality, as a part of the specification of the. limestone and gypsum mill is a kind of limestone and gypsum grinding equipment.

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