Light steel villas have excellent quality and friendly prices

We all have a dream that we can own a villa of our own, which is not necessarily very big, but must be comfortable, must be beautiful and must not cost too much. Which villa is cheap, comfortable and beautiful? That is light steel villa house, a stunning new product.

The biggest characteristics of this kind of house are safety, comfort and fast construction speed. Because his load-bearing structure is light steel structure and its shape is particularly beautiful, this new type of house is called a light steel villa.

Then why is the cost of light steel villa low?

Our traditional house building needs steel, cement, red brick and other main materials. The price of these building materials is getting higher and higher with the development of economy. In addition, a lot of human resources are needed in the construction process. The labor cost is also very high now. The combination of various factors results in the cost of an ordinary house reaching more than 100,000 or even higher. With the advancement of time, the cost of traditional houses will continue to rise.

Light steel villas have three characteristics. One is that the components of the houses are all produced in workshops, with high degree of mechanization, high production efficiency, good quality and relatively low price. Second, the materials are all new materials that are green and environment – friendly. They are heat-insulating and very light in weight. 90% of the materials can be recycled. Third, the installation speed is fast, and the construction period of a 200 square meter villa does not exceed 2 months, which saves a lot of labor costs.

Light steel villas are not only beautiful, the service life of the main structure is 90 years, but our traditional houses have become dilapidated buildings after more than 30 years of use, with almost no aesthetic feeling to speak of. From a long-term perspective, light steel villas are very cost – effective.

Light gauge steel villas are loved by more and more ordinary people for their excellent quality and friendly prices. They are recognized and promoted by the government for their advantages of energy conservation and environmental protection. It can be predicted that in the near future, farmers across the country will be able to live in safe and comfortable light gauge steel villas and realize the goal of building “ beautiful countryside“.

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