Large-scale aggregate production line process

When producing 1000 tons of Development Trend Of Raymond Mill production line, great attention in the design of energy-saving and environmental protection, has taken strong measures of dust and noise, while advanced design concepts, configuration, large jaw crusher, impact crusher stone dedicated, efficient crushing machines and other first-class equipment, a fully enclosed operations. Production of products are mainly 0-3mm, 3-9mm, 9-16mm, 16-19mm gravel four specifications of these products good grain type, level with the rationale, very popular, mainly for the local highway, high-speed rail projects and the use of local infrastructure, exhibits excellent performance in the concrete mix.

Large-scale Automatic Stone Crusher Plant mining exploration projects which will configure the aggregate production line professional equipment. As an annual output of 3 million tons of aggregate production line, according to process requirements, the need for material storage equipment, a break and two break, vibrating screening equipment, transport equipment, general configuration of this product line we have silos, jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, vibrating screen, sand making machine, belt conveyor and other related ancillary equipment. Currently sand aggregate principal building material on the market, good prospects for the project, the return on investment quickly.

The aggregate production line is a closed loop system, it will not meet the customer needs to return to the aggregate crusher by belt conveyor to re-crushing, all-round multi-angle grain size to meet customer demand for the finished aggregate proceeds aggregate particle size is good, production standards, after completion, an annual output of 3 million tons of aggregate economic benefits obtained in the industry to new highs. Design an aggregate production line process requirements, aggregate production line using two closed-circuit production process, a broken with a large jaw crusher, feeding in a broken end uses vibrating screen feeder to ensure clean aggregate degrees, Sec broken with a special stone crusher, and then added with two circular vibrating screen, forming a closed loop.

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