Large Pulsed Energy Fiber Lasers

Laser surface treatment technology refers to the interaction between the laser and the material to make the material surface of the desired physical and chemical changes, so as to achieve the improvement of its surface properties of a technology. It is the use of blue laser pointer beam fast and local heating materials to achieve local acute heat, melting or ablation, and can be handled in a variety of environments; by changing the laser source or laser parameters, can solve the different materials surface treatment process problem.
In recent years, with the continuous development of machinery manufacturing industry and industrial 4.0 and intelligent manufacturing proposed, with the corresponding laser surface treatment research and application also showed a rapid development trend, its processing object, process methods, application areas Also continue to expand into. Depending on the purpose of surface treatment, laser surface treatment is usually divided into: surface modification treatment (such as laser glaze, laser remelting, etc.) and removal processing (such as laser cleaning, etc).

red laser pointer

Laser cleaning as a laser surface treatment technology in recent years has also become increasingly widespread concern and rapid development. Laser cleaning mainly through the low power, high energy density pulsed red laser beam acting on the surface of the workpiece, so that the surface of the dirt, oxide, coating or coating heat generated instantaneous melting, ablation, evaporation or stripping, so as to achieve the workpiece Surface clean process. Laser cleaning is a dry cleaning, compared with the traditional mechanical and chemical cleaning methods, with a good cleaning effect, high control accuracy, no pollution to the environment, the basic damage to the matrix, are non-contact cleaning, etc., we can see, The cleaning process is a „green“ cleaning process.

Compared with solid-state lasers and CO2 lasers, fiber lasers have the advantages of high electro-optical conversion efficiency, compact structure, stable performance, maintenance-free and easy integration. With the continuous breakthrough of fiber laser technology at home and abroad, the use of fiber laser laser cleaning equipment in the field of laser cleaning is gradually showing a good performance advantages and broad application prospects. The entire cleaning system consists of Feibo laser large pulse energy fiber laser, galvanometer scanning system, control system, workbench and related auxiliary equipment. The working method is: the astronomy laser pointerbeam emitted by the scanning mirror and field mirror after the role of the workpiece surface, while adjusting the relevant process parameters so that the workpiece surface to achieve or achieve the desired process results.

Laser cleaning is a complex process, including combustion gasification, thermal shock and thermal vibration, acoustic shattering and a series of complex chemical and physical effects, in which combustion gasification is the main factor. But in addition to the three main mechanisms, the process may also include photon pressure, laser soft ablation, plasma explosion and other mechanisms. Laser cleaning process is mainly affected by the laser type, laser power, cleaning speed, filling density and the number of cleaning and other factors, and these factors are mutual influence and interaction. The actual cleaning process according to the removal of layer material properties (such as rust degree, coating thickness) and other specific circumstances to meet the process requirements in line with the process parameters. The matching principle should be: fast and efficient, excellent cleaning effect.

The range of laser dehumidification is very extensive. Such as bridges, television towers, high-voltage transmission lines such as iron frame surface of the elevated building corrosion, galvanized sheet surface red rust, copper surface oxide layer. If the use of traditional methods of rust removal, the project is large and complex, and rust powder is not only harmful to the health of workers, but also seriously pollute the environment. The laser pen in this area but show their talents, you can quickly and easily remove the metal surface or corner of the corrosion, and also to prevent further oxidation. Laser rust as a new cleaning process, in the field of rust on the surface of carbon steel has a huge development prospects.

Laser deinterleaving as an efficient and efficient cleaning method, usually used in the field of macro industries. In the laser de-lacquer process, the laser acts on the paint coating, the paint coating in the pulse time to absorb the laser energy and convert it into heat so that the temperature of the paint in a very short period of time to achieve its gasification temperature in order to achieve the paint Effect. The use of laser to remove the surface of the object surface paint is an advanced paint removal process, compared with the traditional solvent system and sandblasting method, the laser paint does not cause environmental pollution, and the laser beam is easy to control, can get rid of the irregular surface Paint layer.

Laser large pulse energy fiber laser pointer can clean and treat the surface of a variety of materials, and show excellent and efficient process results; and compared to the current market for laser cleaning solid-state lasers with high efficiency of electro-optical conversion, compact structure, stable performance, maintenance-free, low cost advantages.

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