Kindergarten sports floor features

The characteristics of kindergarten sports flooring, the specific analysis can be reflected in the following:
First, the kindergarten sports floor is conducive to the safety of children. The customized synthesis wood look indoor sport flooring is soft and flexible, reducing the damage that children can make when they fall. Because the child is naturally active, if he does not pay attention, he will fall and cause harm, which is not good for the child and will affect the reputation of the kindergarten. The appearance of the kindergarten sports floor greatly reduced the damage caused by this damage, so it was welcomed by the kindergarten.

Second, the detachable synthetic indoor tennis court cleaning and maintenance methods are simple. Because the child is easy to soil the ground, the cleaning of the kindergarten floor has always been a difficult task. Kindergarten sports flooring has the common feature of ordinary sports flooring, which is very easy to clean and maintain. Just like ordinary sports flooring and rubber floor mats, you can use clean water for scouring, or you can add a proper amount of cleaning agent to clean water.

Third, kindergarten sports flooring has a long service life. Ordinary concrete floors are hard, easy to cause damage to children, and are not very durable, prone to cracks and other problems. In contrast, kindergarten sports flooring greatly extends the service life.

Advantages of using sports flooring in kindergartens
First, to ensure children’s safety and easy to clean
Young children are curious about everything, they like graffiti very much, they like to use everything as a canvas, and children’s floors are easy to clean. The material is soft to prevent the child from falling, being injured, and slipping to prevent the child from slipping and bumping during running.
Second, the thickness of the child-specific floor should be combined with the height and body shape of the human body.
The thickness of the child-specific floor should match the height of the human body. In addition, it must be combined with the child’s age and body shape, so that children will feel comfortable and beneficial to their healthy growth. In addition, it should be noted that whether the height of the thickness is suitable for the child to sit and sleep on the ground, so as to avoid deformation of the child’s bones due to improper selection. The child’s growing environment is vital, and an excellent growth environment can promote children’s mental and intellectual development and healthy growth.
Third, the kindergarten special floor is better than the solid wood floor
The disadvantage of solid wood flooring is that it is prone to deformation and cracks, and the color changes are not much. If the raw material and processing technology are not good, it is easy to cause indoor pollution. PVC material SIGCESS Shengshi children’s special floor is made of PVC, PVC is an environmentally friendly raw material, commonly used to make bottles, water pipes, medical infusion bags, etc., natural 100% formaldehyde, asbestos and lead during processing and installation. , mercury and other toxic and hazardous substances.
Fourth, children’s customized portable backyard court basketball sport flooring can also help children grow up happily
The children’s floor is specially designed according to the child’s growth characteristics and helps the child’s growth. Create a happy childhood for the children, choose the cartoon pattern that children love to see, carefully blended lemon yellow, orange, sea blue, sky blue, apple green, peach powder, rose red, grape purple, goose yellow nine colors, full of childlike fun, Very much liked by children!

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