Justfog Q16 Starter Kit

Justfog Q16 Starter Kit
Designed to deliver great smoking experience without costing too much. justfog vape kit is a hybrid vape pen/box mod designed with safety, portability and enough battery to get you by for the day. Decent enough to handle needs of experienced vapers as well simple enough for those looking to quit traditional cigerattes. This high performing starter kit comes in three colors and is one of our all time favorites to smoke.
Ease of Use
Detachable to cleanse easily
Features adjustable smoke control for light and strong hit
Ideal kit for all levels of smokers
Package Includes:
1 x Justfog Q16 Clearomizer
1 x 5-pin Bottom Charging Point Battery
2 x Extra Coil Cylinders (1.6ohm, 3.2V-4.4V)
1 x 5-pin Charging Cable

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