Jilian Mold Provides A Variety Of China Pet Bottle

Jilian Plastics offers a complete range of Pet Preform for the most diverse applications in a variety of weights, colors and sizes. In addition to the standard sizes, Jilian Plastics also designs and manufactures custom models. Preforms range in weight from 10.5 grams to 121 grams.

With its extensive knowledge and experience in the food, cosmetic and chemical industries, Jilian Plastics is able to develop and supply suitable PET preforms for each liquid product. Bottles made from Jilian mold prefabricated parts are filled with water, carbonated soft drinks, cooking oil, sauces, detergents, milk, beer, juice, and the like.

The preform can have one or more layers. Blocking preforms brings many benefits to soft drinks and beer due to the extra layer being injected between the various PET layers.

Our valuable expertise in the recycling sector enables us to produce (on request) prefabricated parts made from recycled materials. Currently, this is done in two forms: recycled material as a transition layer in a multilayer preform, or a preform made entirely of recycled material for direct contact with food. In general, we are a China Pet Bottle manufacturer that you deserve, and we can provide you with more diversified protection and smooth development in the market.

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