Jilian Mold Pet Preform Win Ccustomers‘ Love

Customers can inspect and accept different types of Pet Preform molds in different shapes, but in a mold in our Jilian mold, the mold is of good quality. The performance of this mold is outstanding in all aspects. And the appreciation of our clients in the mobile section:
1 : Jilian Plastics only sends qualified test samples to customers after one month of testing, which reflects the very mature experience of Jilian Plastics in this container design.
The stripper is stable. All of its movements are very smooth, with no sticking and distortion. The runners are well arranged to fill the entire product. This product has a good seal. There are no leaks. The mold has a good cooling system to properly cool the product. The hot runner system is periodically fitted with appropriate electrical heating. The product can be connected to the controller cylinder and properly connected by balanced ejection, proper travel. All parting lines and surfaces meet our design requirements.
2 : The products produced by Jilian Plastics meet the requirements of customers. It has a good parting line, which indicates that the mold has a good fit on each insert. There is also a product wall thickness of the same for each part. There is no mold shift problem. At the same time, the surface and strength are satisfied. Lines, signs of shrinkage, spots, and no distortion of the product.
3: All processes are carried out according to the planned progress, and the mold is successfully completed 10 days in advance.
The China Pet Bottle molds of Jilian Plastics have reasonable structure, stable performance and good quality, all of which meet the requirements of customers.

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