It seems mad to OSRS gold write this but that

It seems mad to OSRS gold write this but that is my last article formally as a part of Jagex and since Mod Shauny.When I first joined the RuneScape CM team back in 2016 I had been my first goal was to try and bring life into the RS Reddit in the Jagex side of things, I believe looking back on it now nearly 4 decades after I’m proud of what I have done.I’ve had such a blessed opportunity to work with exceptionally talented individuals, through it alL I have tried to make their lives improved by acting as the middle ground between you the runescape players along with them the developers.

During my time I was also very lucky to work on jobs outside my job based on which I thought you/runescape wanted, a few of them include the capability to exchange Skyboxes, the debuff bar, thing tooltips and the Clan Ava Rework/Broadcasts update,

which I hope you still like to this day! I thrived on attempting to be sure as many runescape players and communities were listened to and replied on, should stuff go wrong I wanted to ensure we’d messaging out to attempt to cope with whatever had occurred. Jagex employed me in this sector once I was 19, I am currently 25, have a gorgeous wife and perfect little woman and I am proud of the marker that I hope I have left on runescape.

I only have one more thing to say really and that is, thank you. Thank you for everything, you gave me the chance to be the person you listen to when you have issues/feedback to get runescape and I won’t ever forget it.

It is gonna be hella different for the get runescape gold with cash community with no, and I hope that ends up taking over your roll within Jagex does a job at the very least equal to what you’ve done for us. When you began to really become part of the community to us, even when I wasn’t active in RuneScape I’d see what you came by to state.

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