It is well known that the modern man depopulates

It is well known that the modern man depopulates. Whether in tuxedos, in sports suits or with a complete urban style, the main features to stand out from the crowd are to always rely on the best fashion addresses in the city; and we who love Italy, and more than anything else, Made in Italy quality, we can not fail to tell you about the most popular destinations for modern man asian prom dresses, to feel always in step with trends and innovations 2018.
Barber Shop – Atelier by Luigi Ciccarelli

Everyone is looking good and there are those who make the hair a business card or, better yet, a means of launching new fashions and small challenges. So we at Snap Italy found a really interesting “gem” in Milan: Luigi Ciccarelli’s Atelier. The main character of the salon is not the sophisticated woman but the most sought-after gentleman. This could be called a private barber shop considering that privacy is a lifestyle here. The rest take care and highlight its beauty is a gesture that requires mastery, but also comfort and secrecy. The final work can only be amazing, like the structure that hosts it. Inside the atelier there is only one armchair, as if to signify that every customer is as precious as unique. The large mirror illuminates the room and the work of the beloved professional Luigi. We could consider this small corner of Via Fieno one of the best barber shops in Milan (here the best in Rome) specially designed for modern man and for those who like him can not do without fashion and good taste. Hurry up because it is snapped up!
Perfumery – Zhor Parfums

But modern man does not need only a nice cut, but also a good smell. In Milan the embarrassment of choice regarding beauty and cosmetics is really wide. But this time we do not want to recommend the classic commercial perfumery typical of the city center, but a favorite address for those who do not want a fragrance but a representation of themselves. The perfume, as you well know evening long dresses, is the coolest and most sensual accessory of the body, and as for the woman, finding the right one for men is not easy.

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