Invent New Foam Pump to Solve Sticking Feeling

At present, daily chemical foam pump sold on the market, when in use, when the head is lifted upwards and pressed again, the sticking phenomenon will occur, which will affect people’s hand feeling when in use.

The working principle of daily chemical foam pump was analyzed, and it was found that lifting the head upward would cause negative pressure in the piston cavity of the water cylinder and the water cylinder, and the negative pressure would make the upper pull rod and the upper port of the piston of the water cylinder seal more tightly. At this time, when pressing the head, the upper pull rod and the top seal of the piston of the water cylinder need to be opened with greater strength to allow the bubble liquid to pass through. This greater strength makes people feel a sense of sticking.

Therefore, it is necessary to invent a foam pump to solve the above problems.

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