Introduction Of Juice Production Line

Shanghai Jimei Food Machinery Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in food machinery and equipment. We specialize in providing professional dairy and juice production and processing equipment for customers in the market. Our Milk Powder Making Machine can produce milk powder for you simply and efficiently.
Fruit juice, fruit juice for mango, apricot, hawthorn and other fruits that can not be made into 100% raw juice, in order to reflect the characteristics of the beverage to the maximum extent, generally adjust the original juice concentration to about 40%, while adding a certain amount of flavor and sugar. Fruit juice beverages are easily contaminated by bacteria, acid production or gas production does not produce gas, resulting in poor taste, so it is common to add preservatives such as sorbic acid (sodium, potassium) or benzoic acid (sodium), some manufacturers do not note The preservatives are mistaken for consumers to be organic acids or sodium or potassium salts. The identification of fruit juice beverages is based on the determination of whether the beverage and its name are consistent based on the original juice content indicated on the label. Secondly, look at the packaging for leakage and flatulence. The specific method is that the bottle mouth and bottle body of bottled or canned beverages must not have sugar stains and dirt, and the soft-packed beverages are not deformed by hand. At the same time, the cap, can body, etc. must not be raised. Look at the appearance of fruit juice, transparent drinks without pulp, should be clear and transparent, without any floating objects and sediments; without peel and opaque beverages, should be uniform, no delamination, no turbidity; pulp-type drinks, Irregular fine flesh can be seen, allowing precipitation.

In addition to 100% of the original juice, the juice drink produced by the Juice Production Line is usually added with sugar, food coloring, spices and preservatives. Therefore, it cannot be used instead of fruits and water in daily life, especially for children. Beverages can suppress appetite or excessive intake of sugar, leading to obesity.

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