Introduction of glass clamp

Selection sophisticated products, glass clamp based on form and function, the main color of the following materials, and the use of more advanced and higher requirements for surface treatment technology for processing of blanks:
1, stainless steel
      The main use of high quality stainless steel, the surface can be cast into a mirror, you can be plated or PVD titanium nitride and other vacuum plating See on the mirror, or pull the hair into a stainless steel wire lines, can also be colorful spray paint on its surface;
2, copper
      Polished direct use, the product itself has a unique antibacterial sterilization function, or surface coating layer of clear lacquer protected against oxidation. We also use a variety of surface copper plating, bright chrome, chrome sand, sand nickel, titanium, zirconium and gold;
3, aluminum
      We use high-purity aluminum, using anodized surface which we can use the effect after blasting, color sand silver or champagne gold, surface wear and corrosion resistance.
 4, various types of non-metallic
       Widespread adoption of non-metal, all kinds of high-grade wood, glass, stone and other surfaces for fine sanding and strongly the use of newer surface antibacterial material.
5, quality
      201,304 from stainless steel, aluminum, copper and other raw materials to production process monitoring layers, product quality strictly, allowing brightness, smoothness, improved stability, quality assurance.
Surface treatment
  Handle surface treatment Ye Hao variety of ways, according to handle different materials have different surface treatment, surface treatment of stainless steel with mirror polished, brushed surface, plating color; we can do different surface treatments according to customer requirements.

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