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Has a 159-year history of the Expo for the first time such a close link with the Internet nike air max 2016 suomi , so that the World Expo 2010 Shanghai more intimate, but also more dynamic. With approximately 400 million Internet users in China, Shanghai World Expo organizers early use of the Internet to enhance awareness of the impact of the Expo. They use a three-dimensional virtual space created Expo, the worlds Internet users have the opportunity to visit the Expo. ‘Web Expo is unprecedented. Expo is the exhibition and the Internet combined with the innovative way. Propaganda Department of Shanghai World Expo Bureau, Deputy Minister of Information, Internet World Expo, Wang Liping, program director, told Xinhua in an interview. In his view, Internet World Expo is the physical representation Expo, extension and supplement, it can cross time and space. Landing Internet World Expo, the Expo Site presents three-dimensional scene in front of the Huangpu River clear is Lupu Bridge, the bridge is already on the line on both sides of the pavilion. Click Go Sightseeing Zone, the Shanghai World Expo mascot blue Treasure will take visitors to reach any one venue, and venue are introduced. In this virtual EXPO, landscape parks and exhibition can enjoy a variety of perspective, you can look down, you can also head-up, day view, night view can be alternated. Website with activity classes, interactive classes and show class categories Forum, and its biggest draws was the City of the Future. City of the Future and similar online games, just download a file package, you can click to enter to play the heros identity. City of the Future in the original appearance of the existing pavilion to reproduce more than 150, but also more than 10 characters and 207 players playing, and completed the task for. We are doing the final sprint. Wang Liping said. According to plan Internet World Expo will be on May 1 along with the full liberalization of physical Expo, currently has about 500 staff in the final preparations for the full run. Interestingly, the Internet World Expo Expo organizers not only set up the pavilion and also foreign self pavilion. To online museum of France adidas superstar 2 musta , high renamed as meals in the banana is a root of resurrection in the 360-degree perspective, people click of the mouse, you can into the collection of French paintings in the Orsay Museum , find out, and shuttle paintings within the paintings and listen to introductions. The Internet, people can watch outside the French Pavilion sparkling water, then follow the trail to visit, slowly upward, until the Museum of the top of the open-air courtyard. This is the French Pavilion, a specially appointed team of high-tech company to complete the masterpiece. France staff, said, Orsay museum paintings will be on-line French Museum a highlight. Three-dimensional realism paintings, and even Orsay Museum are amazed. Wang Liping said: In the bid to host the World Expo, we have to create ‘never ending to the idea of the Expo. It is understood that after the Shanghai World Expo, the venue is expected to continue in-line three-dimensional display. Shanghai World Expo will have 70 million people are expected to visit. New China for the first time in 1982 when the World Expo in the preparation and organization of the tree Wing, witnessed the new China and the Origin of the World Expo. He said many of Chinas population, can feel to the site to visit, or a small part, not everyone can participate, so there are Internet World Expo this form is very good, make more people feel the Expo. Meanwhile, the network can cover more foreign audiences to better display the Shanghai World Expo to overseas, show the image of Chinas opening up. He said. Singaporeans Shen Qiao and Art recently landed Expo Shanghai Online sneak preview. Her first view of the Singapore Museum, that beautiful night in Singapore. She also liked the China Pavilion of the oriental charm, and the Israel Museum, British Museum, the Spanish Pavilion and other impressive. She said that if the museum can each designers name coupled with overhauled to better. Internet on the role of the current Expo boost, not only in the Internet World Expo will be, written by Chinese netizens adidas supercolor kengät , all kinds of Expo Guide also called a scene. Open the Internet, search for Expo Guide, day trips, day tour, seven-day tour and other kinds of everything Raiders. Some enthusiastic young people known to the world expo, also recommended by the World Expo purse the best tour routes and other tips. Some websites launched the World Expo blog or microblogging, etc., to encourage people to participate in the Expo to write personal views and share experience. 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