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VALLETTA Adil Rami Jersey , June 4, (Xinhua)– A 65-year-old Irish tourist was drowned earlier on Wednesday noon while swimming off Golden Bay, one of the three most beautiful, sandy beaches on the North West coast of the island of Malta.

The bystanders that helped the 65-year old man out of the water and started administrating cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) until Civil Protection officials arrived in a few minutes, according to local report.

An Armed Forces of Malta (AFM) helicopter assisted in the operation and airlifted the victim to a helicopter pad and the man was conveyed to Malta’s largest public hospital — Mater Dei hospital in an ambulance. The man was certified dead on arrival.

This was the third death by drowning this year. The first incident occurred in March Cheap Sevilla Hats , when a Polish man who was taking photos at Dwejra in Gozo was carried away by waves. In May, a German woman died after encountering difficulties while diving, off Gozo.


South Africa is inhabited by over 51 million folk, it’s the 25th largest country in the world and has the 24th biggest population. Eighty percent of the people comprises native African populations speaking Bantu languages. The remaining 20 percent comprises Continentals, typically descendants of the English and Dutch Cheap Sevilla Hoodies , also Asians and racially mixed. The official languages are English, Xhosa, Zulu and Afrikaans, a Dutch dialect. It has the biggest economy in Africa and the fifth highest pro capita income on the continent , however Cheap Sevilla Shirts , one quarter of the people still lives on less than $1.25 a day.

The beauty about holidays South Africa is that it can offer a spread of settings like no other country. In South Africa you can go for a genuine African safari and enjoy luxury game lodges at an accessible price, you can enjoy seaside sports and swimming, inland luxury wine reserves and quaint craft markets and even top class night life, dining, theater and all that metropolitan cities have to give.

As far as nature reserves go Cheap Sevilla Jerseys , you cannot miss going to the Kruger National Park that stretches over the provinces of Mpumalanga and Limpopo. Here you will find accommodation that deals with differing desires and budgets. You’ll have heard it is possible to view the “Big Five” here which are namely the lion, leopard, rhino, elephant and cape buffalo. Sure there are plenty of other gigantic animals in Africa, like the hippo Yevhen Konoplyanka Jersey , or the giraffe but actually the term “Big 5” was originally a hunting term and these were the animals that were most cherished as hunting trophies.

You really should also go see the iSimangaliso Wetland Park, previously known as St Lucia Wetland park which is located along the coast of the Kwazulu Natal. The name means “miracle and wonder” and it is really suitable since it is one of the most amazing shores to be seen. It is a stretch 280km long and is the 3rd biggest natural reserve in S. A. , measuring 280 km square. It is completely uncontaminated and home to crocodiles, hippos, turtles and whales in season.

In the Eastern Cape you can stop at the Addo Elephant Park Vitolo Jersey , which is home to some 450 elephants. You can view the Big 5 here too, as well as whales and great white sharks. This park has lately expanded and now covers 444 700 acres, stretching as far up as the semi-arid Karoo area around Darlington Dam. The original area was announced in 1931, when only sixteen elephants remained in the area. Now it’s a perfect ecological system and sanctuary.

The Golden Gate Highlands National Park is found at the foot of the Maluti Mountains in the Free State Province. Here you’ll be able to appreciate the imposing wonder of a view on the Drakensberg Mountains, and also admire Bushman paintings and rare sandstone formations during walks and rock climbing. This park also offers an amazing assortment of animals and birds to please nature lovers.

The Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park in the Northern Cape Province is amongst the largest conservation areas in the world covering a sum total of 3 Vicente Iborra Jersey ,6 million hectares. It crosses the border between Botswana and S. A. and is a preferred spot for photograph lovers due to its unique red dunes set against a deep blue sky. Here you will see Gembsbok : big desert antelopes, Meerkat : ( Suricate ) so famous for the way they stand up for photographs, Black-maned Kalahari Lions : kings of the desert and extremely impressive to see, Sociable weavers : Birds that construct massive communal nests and Pygmy Falcons : the littlest falcons in Africa.

This country with its contradictions and contrasts is very well worth visiting. If you need help or guidance whilst planning your trip, don’t hesitate to touch base with us at We’re a small family run company with an especially high percentage of re-bookings. People that book with us once Timothee Kolodziejczak Jersey , often come back!

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