I trust in Anta for me to create a product for each

As the leading brand in the sporting goods industry, ANTA committed to building a powerful professional equipment for every spokesperson. ANTA brand responsible person said, this year the Adidas Superstar Dame latest development Anta five drive control technology will be fully applied to the NBA spokesman Nike Air Max 1 Homme boots, the booster player campaign pitch. In the event, Thompson personally signed the five-drive control of science and technology to the lucky fans of basketball shoes, we witnessed the Anta five drive control technology debut.

According to reports, the five drive control technology will be applied to the entire sole bionic finger, in order to increase the friction soles; soles of feet around the region, according to regional compression ergonomic design concept in different regions with different material stress and hardness material, balanced foot force, so wearing more comfortable; soles overall simulation sports multi-link independent suspension system, connected around the palm area, to enhance stability, increase speed. Five drive control Technology boots will satisfy the players, especially point guard change to speed, stability protection Nike Air Max 90 Homme and other needs, to help them better Nike Air Huarache Homme control over the audience.

Anta person in charge, the next five drive control technology will be applied to a variety of boots ANTA sole design, it is for the majority of basketball fans Anta build the stadium to witness the weapon. ANTA has always been committed to the best technology, the best product experience, to bring the overwhelming majority of sports fans, so that everyone can have a match with the NBA’s top players basketball equipment, to enjoy the fun of basketball.

“I trust in Anta for me to create a product for each, because they always put our interests first. I hope five drive control technology can help enhance the performance of the majority of basketball fans on the pitch.” Thompson said.

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