How To Use The Tongda Analysis Machine

The Tongda analyzer uses X-ray penetration to detect high-sensitivity and high-stability from hard foreign objects such as bones and plastics to various metal foreign objects, helping you to improve the quality of finished products. The Tongda analyzer not only detects foreign objects in foods (such as various meat products, aquatic products, fruits and vegetables, additives, milk powder, chocolate, etc.), including metals, glass, ceramics, stones, bones, plastics, etc.; Product defects, such as packaging cracks, bubbles, content defects, etc.; to achieve complete product testing.

Widely used in the food industry; pharmaceutical industry; textile industry, integrated circuit board and other industrial industries. Structural Analysis Tongda analysis machine is mainly used to detect metal impurities in industrial products, such as iron metal and non-ferrous metal impurities in foods such as aquatic products, additives and condiments.

Pharmaceutical industry: tablets, powders. Apparel industry: Toys, clothing, shoes, bags and handbags and other industries to detect whether there are broken needles, nails, product structure and adhesiveness. It can detect iron, non-ferrous metals, stones, glass, bones and other foreign substances in a variety of products. When the Tongda analyzer detects the condition, it emits a sound and warning light signal when the condition is met. The network interface can be connected to the local area network, and multiple terminals can check the baggage at the same time. The ray emission is automatically controlled to avoid false transmission and one-button shutdown control.

Only one action is required when shutting down: the key is rotated, the device is automatically and safely shut down, no complicated multi-step operation is required, it is more convenient and simple, and the eagle eye can conveniently see the currently enlarged area, and the fault self-diagnosis is automatically judged, and Give prompt information for easy maintenance. Automatically handle changes in product weight, automatically adapt and detect multiple randomly transformed products in a shift. It is very simple to use, supports high-speed production lines, does not require downtime settings, and guarantees 100% product quality and safety.

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