How to reduce the wear of the roller and bearing of kaolin ultrafine mill equipment and prolong the service life

The important components of the kaolin ultrafine mill equipment may be the grinding roller and the bearing, so it is necessary to pay more attention to and maintain the use in this aspect, so as not to damage the kaolin ultrafine mill equipment. Therefore, we talk about how to reduce the wear of the roller and bearing of the kaolin ultrafine mill equipment and prolong the service life.
Shanghai kaolin ultrafine mill manufacturers pointed out: In order to reduce the wear on the grinding rolls and bearings, in addition to the maintenance work, the grinding method and structure of the kaolin ultrafine mill equipment will also improve the wear of the grinding rolls and bearings. A lot of reduction, our company specializes in the production of kaolin ultrafine mill equipment for decades, has been paying much attention to the development of new mill equipment, and successfully developed hydraulic mill equipment after combining the main features of domestic and foreign mills. , using hydraulic grinding, high pressure and high strength. With the new structure, the steel ball grinding method is used. The improved mill equipment is very suitable for grinding materials with hardness below 10, especially for hard materials with high grinding yield and high fineness. There is no bearing, grinding roller or screw inside the main body of the hydraulic mill equipment, so it will not produce easy-to-wear parts, and it also solves the disadvantages of the oil leakage pollutants in the bearing chamber.
Therefore, when customers purchase kaolin ultrafine mill equipment, in addition to the quality of the grinding machine, it depends on the grinding method and internal structural characteristics of the milling machine. Is it good to reduce the grinding roller and bearing? Wear and extend the service life of kaolin ultrafine mill equipment. So it can be seen that it is not so easy to buy a good kaolin ultrafine mill equipment. The buyer needs to spend some time to slowly choose and consider. After all, the price of a mill is not low.

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