How to Realize the Perfect Grinding Effect of Ball Mill

There are many reasons influencing the Granite Impact Crusher fineness including raw ore hardness, particle size after crushing, screen grid holes, abrasion of ball mill’s scale board, rotary speed of the ball mill, and the size of the discharging hole of the ball mill etc. Considering the above factors, here our experts will give you some advice helpful to control the grinding fineness of the ball mill: 1.In the actual production process, we can do reasonable arrangement of all kinds of minerals in order to guarantee the uniform size of the minerals and the well distribution of the ore powder and bulks.

The abrasion Impact Crusher Quality degree of the ball mill’s blades is a core problem we need to care about. When the blades are worn, few materials will be fed back which will cause the grinding fineness to become larger. 3.We should also pay attention to the rotary speed of the ball mill. Before and during the operation of the ball mill and classifier, we should adjust the rotary speed to the proper one in order to guarantee the excellent performance of the mining machines. 4.The size of the ball mill’s discharge hole plays an important role in the ore beneficiation process. The bigger the size is, the larger the material feeding amount gets and the finer the grinding materials will become.

It’s a key step to adjust the particle size of the crushed materials and change the size of the screen grid holes. If there are changes of the particle size of the materials happening during the production, we must report this situation and adjust the grinding fineness to make it smaller. Decrease technologies to maintain the actual materials for 2 Areas parallel or even tangentially as well as utilize a lot how the areas collectively to create sufficient power for that materials to ensure that it’s substances individual tend to be floor or even additional Alignment regarding one another.

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