How to Make Your Own E-juice

How to Make Your Own E-juice

There are so many varieties of e-juice on the market today that it might be hard to find the perfect one that fits all your preferences. Something that many e-cigarette users wonder is “how do I make my own e-juice at home?” Some might think it is too complicated to try, but it’s really a lot easier than it seems!

Making your own cheap vape deals gives you the opportunity to really explore what you’re looking for and helps you find your vaping preferences. It’s also very rewarding to create an e-liquid that is to your exact specifications, which means no more settling for whatever your local shop has in stock.
What Do You Need to Make Your Own E-Liquid?
To make your own vape juice, here’s what you’ll need:

100% Vegetable Glycerin (VG): syrup-like liquid with a light, sweet taste that provides thick clouds of vapor. VG is the base for most e-juices on the market; the higher VG percentage, the more clouds. It is typically combined with a percentage of propylene glycol to achieve a certain consistency (i.e. 80%/20% means 80% VG and 20% PG).
100% Propylene Glycol (PG): thin liquid with almost water-like consistency. Usually blended with VG to reduce the thickness or enhance flavor. Also provides “throat hit,” which is a sensation familiar to cigarette smokers.
Liquid Nicotine (optional): gives you the buzz you’re looking for. But if you prefer to vape without nicotine, then simply replace the liquid nicotine measurements with more PG, VG, flavoring, or a combination of the three.
E-Liquid Flavoring: gives your e-juice flavor. Use one or mix and match a bunch to create endless combinations of flavor profiles. It is usually based in propylene glycol.
Syringes: used to accurately add flavorings, nicotine, and VG/PG in the precise measurements you desire.
Blunt Tip Needles: attach to syringes for accurate dispensing
Empty E-Juice Bottles (Boston Rounds): the container that will hold your DIY vape juice.
Cylinders: used to measure the right amount of vape juice per each bottle
Gloves: protection from accidental nicotine exposure
A Funnel: used to make filling your bottles much easier and less messy
Beakers: can be used to hold nicotine, VG, PG, or flavors. Great for mixing as well.
If you aren’t sure where to get all this, we have you covered. You can shop our DIY e-liquid kits for everything you need all in one, or shop à la carte for specific DIY tools you need. For a more detailed breakdown of DIY vape juice ingredient, click here.

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