How to Make Correct Choice for Metal Hoses in Different Use Environments

Metal hose is a kind of pipe fitting that transports various fluids with corrugated pipe core components. It mainly plays a compensating role in the connection between pipes and pipes, pipes and equipment, equipment and equipment. At present, metal hose has been widely used in many complex pipeline systems. Metal hose can reduce the installation stress of pipes, which is a popular important factor.

The selection of metal hose includes factors such as humidity condition of the use environment, dust condition and whether it is easy to corrode, etc. to comprehensively consider the type, body material and sealing material of the selected quick joint. If the metal hose joint is exposed to a chemically corrosive environment, such as brine or acid gas, only stainless steel or brass pipe joints can be used as required.

According to the type and temperature of fluid, select the suitable structure and material. Different types of fluid, body material and sealing material shall be equipped with different metal hose quick connectors. If it is air, metal joints made of steel are recommended. If it is water, it is recommended to use brass or stainless steel metal joint.

Therefore, when choosing metal hose fittings, the consistency of the chemical composition, temperature and pressure of the fluid and the fittings should be considered. In order to avoid the erosion of mineral oil and synthetic fluid, most pipe joints are electroplated. If rubber sealing rings are used as parts of pipe joints, it must be ensured that the sealing ring materials are suitable for the fluid.

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