How To Get The FUT Swap Players

On fifa ut coins, there is a new event: the FUT Swap Deals. So how can you get the FUT Deals players to exchange them for better cards.

Between FUT Birthday and the Team of the Season there is usually Event Idle at Ultimate Team. Now EA has launched a new promo: The FUT 18 Swap Deals.

The FIFA 18 FUT Swap deals start today, April 4th and end on April 27th. So you have plenty of time to get your swap items and swap them for one of 12 upgraded swap players.You can collect 12 FUT Swap Player items throughout the Promo. These are interchangeable, have their own design and are not upgraded.

There are three ways to get the FUT Swap player cars:

The Daily Knockout Tournament: You could already earn the first player, Negredo, through a DKT

Weekly Objectives: This week you get a FUT exchange player for 15 games played

Squad Building Challenges: FUT Swap Deals SBCs will be live for 24 hours during the event, with Fernando Llorente getting the first SBCThe FIFA 18 FUT Swap SBCs are all unrepeatable and the players are interchangeable. The set contents, however, can be sold on the transfer market.want know more fut coins news Read More

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