How oil pulling helps improve oral health and whole body wellness

Whenever we can find a wellness protocol that has stood the test of time, we always pay special attention.
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Call us anti-aggressive marketers, skeptical of newfangled stuff, or just old-fashioned—we simply have an affinity toward those tools that humans have been using for many years.

Oil pulling is one of these health-giving traditions.

We were first introduced to oil pulling several years ago as a simple way to create greater oral health and also detoxify the entire body.

Given that so much chronic disease we experience is due to lifestyle choices, oil pulling offers a simple solution to create greater oral health, help restore overall health and wellness, and even help us heal deep health issues like leaky gut.

Here’s everything you need to know to get started using this beneficial holistic practice.

What Is Oil Pulling?
Oil pulling is an ancient cleansing and detoxifying technique from Ayurvedic medicine, the traditional medicine of India. The process is simply to swish (or pull) unrefined oils throughout the mouth for several minutes. Similar to what oil does in a car engine, oil pulling gathers all sorts of debris like bacteria, fungi, and viruses (aka ‘bad bugs’) into the oil to be spit out dental vibrator.

There have been wide-ranging claims for the benefits of oil pulling. However, one can expect to experience:

Cleaner and fresher breath
Whiter teeth (without the use of commercial whiteners that can damage teeth!)
Reduced plaque on the teeth
Overall increased oral health

But the benefits of oil pulling are not found in the mouth alone!
The mouth is a safe haven for pathogenic microbes to grow their numbers and gain access to the entire body through the bloodstream. That means creating a healthier mouth environment is hugely important to creating greater overall well-being!

Just take in this quote from Burton Goldberg, a respected voice in alternative cancer remedies:

“As much as 50% of the reversal of cancer is in the mouth.”

Additional benefits of oil pulling for overall well-being include:
A decreased risk of migraines
Increased energy
Greater mental awareness
Decreased joint pain and stiffness
Less nasal and sinus congestion, and a decreased tendency to snore
All of these system-wide benefits make sense given that oil pulling helps us balance our oral flora, the oral microbiome, which as a result lowers the body burden caused by chronic inflammation dental vacuum forming machine.

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