How much electricity is consumed by a sand making machine to produce a ton of sand?

Different sand making equipment power is different, the equipment power consumption is also different, the sand washing machine equipped with different water consumption is also different. The sand making machine price of different production sizes and different fineness have different models. The particle size of the sand making machine equipment can be adjusted according to the production conditions to meet the customer’s production requirements for coarse sand, medium sand, fine sand and other different particle sizes. The power consumption also needs to be determined according to the size of the machine sand equipment and the production conditions.
In general, the electricity consumed for producing and processing 1 ton of machined sand is 0.7-1 degrees, and the water consumed for producing 1 ton of machined sand is about 2 tons.
Here we take the 300t/h machined sand production line as an example to explain the cost calculation of machined sand in detail. Taking a production line of limestone sand with a production capacity of 300 tons as an example, the production cost per ton of limestone is 56.28 yuan, and the current market price is 80 yuan per ton, that is, 23.72 yuan per ton of gross profit. The daily production of 10 hours, the output is 3,000 tons, calculated every 10 months, the annual output is 300 days × 3,000 tons = 900,000 tons, annual production is 900,000 tons, annual gross profit is 900,000 tons × 23.72 yuan / Ton = 21.348 million yuan (excluding taxes, etc.), removal of about 10 million Artificial Sand Making Machine, generally within six months will be able to recover the full cost of investment.

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