How much do you know about dimming glass maintenance tips?

Dimming glass is a kind of glass that switches between transparent and opaque glass through electronic control, light control, etc. Now it has gradually entered the home decoration. Let’s take a look at the maintenance techniques of dimming glass:
1, anti-collision
Usually do not force the glass surface, in order to prevent the glass surface from scratching, it is best to put a tablecloth. When placing things on the dimming glass furniture, take care and avoid collision.
2, placed and fixed
It is best to place the dimming glass furniture in a relatively fixed place. Do not move it back and forth at will. It is necessary to place the objects smoothly. The heavy objects should be placed on the bottom of the glass furniture to prevent the furniture from being unstable and tipping over. In addition, to avoid moisture, stay away from stoves, and be isolated from chemical reagents such as acid and alkali to prevent erosion and deterioration.
3, towel wipe
For daily cleaning, wipe it with a wet towel or newspaper. If it is stained, it can be wiped with a towel, beer or warm vinegar. You can also use the glass cleaner currently sold on the market. The solution is clean. The surface of the winter dimming glass is easy to frost, and it can be wiped with cloth dampened with concentrated salt water or white wine. The effect is very good.
4, toothbrush wipe
Once the patterned dimming glass is dirty, it can be removed by rubbing the toothbrush with a cleaning agent along the pattern. In addition, you can also drop kerosene on the glass or use chalk chalk and gypsum powder to dry the glass and dry it with a clean cloth or cotton, so that the glass is clean and bright.
5, detergent cleaning
Using a damp cloth dampened with detergent can also make the often oily glass clean. First, spray the artist’s dimming glass on the cleaning agent, and then put on the plastic wrap to soften the solidified oil stains. After fifteen minutes, tear off the plastic wrap and wipe with a damp cloth. In order to keep the dimming glass bright and clean, it is necessary to clean it frequently. If there is any writing on the glass, it can be rubbed with rubber soaked in water and then wiped with a damp cloth. If there is paint on the glass, it can be scrubbed with cotton and hot vinegar. Wipe the glass to make it bright and crystal.
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