How Elevator Manufacturer Design Elevator Counterweights

In practice, the elevator works in a slightly different way than a simple hoist. The weight of the elevator car is approximately the same as the weight of the car when it is half full (in other words, the weight of the car itself plus 40-50% of the total weight it can carry). When the elevator rises, the counterweight drops. Elevator Manufacturer need to pay attention to the best weight of the elevator.

Elevators that use cables and wheels are sometimes referred to as traction elevators because they involve trailers and counterweight motors. However, not all elevators work like this. In small buildings, hydraulic cylinders (similar to fluid-filled pistons for construction machinery such as bulldozers and cranes) are often used to find hydraulic lifts for lift trucks. Hydraulic lifts are mechanically simple, so they are cheaper to install, but because they usually do not use counterweights, they consume more power and reduce the car’s power. Sometimes the hydraulic cylinder is mounted directly under the car and pushed up and down (a type called direct acting design). Alternatively, if there is no space, the slider can be mounted on one side of the elevator shaft using a rope and pulley system (in a design called indirect action) to operate the car.

The balance makes it easier for the engine to lift the car – it’s easier to lift someone’s weight than sitting on the arm as if sitting at the stern. Due to the counterweight, the motor needs less force to move the car up and down. Assuming that the weight of the car and its contents exceed the weight, all motors must increase the weight difference between the two and provide some additional force to overcome the friction in the pulley. Due to the small force involved, the strain on the cable is small, making the elevator safer.

Today, elevators are supported by multiple cables, each of which is strong enough to carry more than the weight of a fully loaded car. Only when the elevator car is firmly fixed in place, the outer door that can be opened makes it almost impossible to fall off the shaft. The governor works with other equipment to drive the car safely to its destination.

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