How Can Tongda Analysis Machine Be Classified?

The industrial Tongda analyzer is divided into two large-scale mobile Tongda analyzers and portable Tongda analysis machine.

Mobile Tongda analyzer: usually composed of console, high voltage generator, ray tube head, cooling device, high voltage cable and low voltage cable, lifting trailer and water pipe, etc. It is large in size and generally suitable for fixed inspection sites, but due to wearing The advantages of strong penetration and long use time make the range and effect of the mobile Tongda analyzer greatly improved. With the professional image intensifier system, the real-time imaging effect of the detected workpiece can be realized. Greatly improve the efficiency of detection. Similarly, powerful system functions are destined to be relatively expensive.

Portable Tongda analyzer: It is insulated by SF6 gas, small in size and light in weight. The machine consists of three parts: console, X-ray generator and low-voltage connecting cable. This Tongda analyzer is relatively inexpensive to manufacture and is widely used in on-site construction testing. Generally, less than 60 mm of the detected workpiece can be photographed by a portable Tongda analyzer to obtain effective results.

Tongda analyzer is divided into directional radiation and circumferential radiation from the radiation angle.

Directional radiation: fixed unidirectional radiation, the cone angle of the beam is generally in the range of 40 ° ~ 45 °.

Circumferential radiation: the beam is radiated X-rays simultaneously on a 360° circumference perpendicular to the axis of the X-ray tube. This is used to detect the entire weld bead by one exposure for detecting the annular weld of a large-diameter pipe and a spherical container. Photographic work can greatly improve the efficiency of detection.

Tongda analyzers can be divided into glass shell X-ray tubes and corrugated ceramic X-ray tubes according to the different X-ray tube materials.

Glass-shell X-ray tube: It is commonly used at home and abroad because it is relatively simple to manufacture.

Corrugated ceramic X-ray tube: It is currently used in variable frequency gas insulated portable X-ray machine. It has some characteristics of long life, small size and light weight of cermet tube.

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