High temperature of bearing at work

New-type sand making machine is widely applied in the preceding process of ore milling equipment. It can produce large amounts of iron ore fines and reduce the load of the high-capital ore milling equipment. In the mechanical equipment, the role of the machine is to make ore particles size smaller and finally into powder by the impact, ore milling equipment and stripping of the media and ore itself. Application of the machine is to reach the maximum dissociation of gangue minerals and valuable minerals which make up the dryer, so that materials meeting next beneficiation can be provided. The following is reasons why bearing of sand maker generates heat when it is at work.
The reasons may be short of oil, the dust entered, or bearing failure which happen from time to time in the operation. Then there must be effective solutions, such as refueling, cleaning, or bearings replacement. As for Rod-Mill Sand Maker, our company also have some corresponding measures, and you can get more detailed information on the maintenance introduction of several parts of Rod-Mill Sand Maker at this site.
The mill also plays an important role after the fine crushing of sand maker and crumbling of dryer, so manipulation of the mill is very important. New-type sand making machine is mainly used for crushing and reshaping of the soft or medium hard and extremely hard materials, especially for extra hard and wear resistant materials such as silicon carbide, diamond sand and sintered bauxite. It has higher productivity than other crushing machines.

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