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Scioscia Advised Trout Against Home Run Derby – RealGM Wiretap

Almost everyone wanted Mike Trout in Monday night’s Home Run Derby nike air force 1 mid 07 black womens , but the Los Angeles Angels outfielder said he decided not to participate after talking to Mike Scioscia.

Trout said the manager „was leaning toward me not to do it.“ He said Scioscia’s biggest concern was „the full-out swings you take over a period of time, and just the wear and tear on your body.“

The youngster was asked how difficult it would have been to say he wanted to take part after his manager had expressed such a strong opinion, he replied: „Yeah, you’ve always got to respect your manager, and do what’s right for you and the team, and your body, for sure.“

Ortiz Cubs Should Eliminate Day Games – RealGM Wiretap

David Ortiz thinks he may have discovered one of the reasons why the Chicago Cubs have struggled to win games.

The Boston Red Sox slugger thinks the team’s traditional day games are the issue.

„Through the years I’ve talked to a lot of friends of mine that have played for the Cubs,“ Ortiz said. „The one thing that everyone talked about was the schedule in Chicago. They get excited walking into a city that’s based on baseball, but once they start dealing with the schedule it kind of mentally wears you down.“

Ortiz mentioned Alfonso Soriano as one player that didn’t like the mixed schedule of day and night games.

„Believe it or not that’s one of the biggest issues for that organization to become a winning ballclub,“ Ortiz added. „When you come down to the Cubs‘ schedule it’s a game-changer, believe it or not. They play so many day games at home and then they have to travel to another city and adjust themselves to the night games.“ng up your nerves? Well then … it’s your body saying you need to go have a workout and get some sweat on your t-shirt! I know sometimes you feel reluctant to leave the comfort of your home for many reasons. For some people, it is their domain and for others their command center! While the TV room, the computer that goes online and the video games can keep you entertained, it can also be as if you are under house arrest for such a long time, the word „exercise“ becomes a distant memory in your vocabulary. But, somewhere in your mind, in a silent corner of your brain, you can sometimes hear a faint voice crying … „You need to get some exercise ..“ This may happen several times before you really feel the urge to go work out! But, as soon as the thought appears nike air force 1 high black womens , I hear you say, „If only I had a friend to exercise with me, I would definitely go out …“ Don’t worry, I am not eavesdropping on your complaints or reading your mind! I know that because it was my excuse, and that of many others, to continue to hide behind the walls and hope all these pounds will melt away without a bead of sweat! Eliminate the excuse – „If I only had a friend, an exercise buddy, it would not be so boring!“ I know a friend to go out jogging would be a great proposition! But not all of our friends have the time for a walk.So what do we do? Do we continue the same way for the rest of our life?No, of course not! I thought I wanted to get out and change my life, the way I looked and the way I felt about myself. I knew that unless I was willing to try new experiences and commit myself to exercise, I would always feel as if I was failing and not living up to my potential. The determination and the urge to become successful made me innovative. I found a friend who, although he could not talk, was every bit a companion and just as real as a person! If the absence of an exercise buddy is the only thing stopping you, then it’s time to stop the excuses and look around your house. Maybe you forgot the fact that you have always had a dear friend around you, who needs some real exercise as much as you do! By now, you must know whom I am talking about! Yes, of course, it is your pet! For me, pets have been always been fascinating! As an animal lover nike air force 1 low white womens , I admire and adore them.They will never say no to you and they will never back away. They are lively, energetic and ever ready! Well, the thought of your pet being an exercise buddy may be amusing to you, but try taking a walk with your pet and see your spirits rise! Don’t be afraid to go out and feel that winter chill or the mid summer sun on your face! In taking these little steps and implementing these new innovations, you are going to change that bit of laziness within us to a person of action! Exercise, pet and innovative? I know what you are thinking! I hear you say „Are you crazy? I Know. I am with you mate! Why do I stress exercise so much? Well, if you are to lose weight, exercise plays a great part in that goal and could be the major deciding factor in your journey to success! There are countless reasons why exercise is good; here are some you will want to explore a little further. Stress – it will fly out the window! Depression – well,it too will exit out another window! Active – you will feel a spring in your feet. Composed – you will feel your mind thinking clearly and making decisions will become easier and more concise. Concentration – you will become an expert at this! Healthier heart – you will have given your heart a new lease on life! Stronger bones – they, too, will enjoy the benefits of exercise! Toned muscles – well, do i need to elaborate more? A Healthier, whole new you – I think you get the picture! Here are some things that you can do with your pet. Remember, it is not only healthier for you but healthier for your pet to get some exercise! Suggestions for fun time with your pet- *Throw a frisby and feel the movement in your arms and biceps; you are nearer to seeing them toned! *Run a 100 meter sprint … on your mark, set, go! *Throw a ball and see who fetches it first

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