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SAVING GRACE When it comes to British beach holidays, lifeguards are heroes: not only do they shiver through the summer gazing at the grey sea and dreaming of Bondi, but they also have an impressive offering of beach buggies and rescue boats for small children to gaze at when they are bored with rockpooling. The seaside clothing brand Seasalt has teamed up with the RNLI to produce a collection Golden Goose Sneakers of Tshirts (15, ages 38) and organic cotton hoodies (25, ages 38) featuring lifeguard logos and rescue vehicles.

Our “Instant index” here on a Friday night. Lebron and that leg cramp, after the heat wave at the NBA finals. When the ac went out, remember, Lebron endorses Powerade. Their rival, Gatorade saw the shot and tweeted, the person cramping wasn’t our client. Our athletes can take the heat. Tonight, they are apologizing, say, we got caught up in the heat of the battle. And it was last night here in the index, we showed you that new satellite image. Spy plane from 1947 that went down over Greenland on a top secret mission to the north pole, crashing on a sheet of ice. The plane, frozen in time, all 11 men on board rescued back then. And one of them, it turns out, was watching us last night. He reached out to us. I called him this afternoon, and I asked what he thought when he saw the image last night. Well, it kept me up most of the night thinking about it. Old memories. It was three days. During the day, it would warm up to 50 below. Gold was with us, certainly. Earnest told me the image kept him up all night last night. He’ll catch up tonight. Great talking to you.

KELLY: And you talk at length about your time working in the Reagan White House. And one of the most famous speeches that you helped write with on for President Reagan, you wrote it and he weighed in as well was after the Space Shuttle Challenger went down. And I love how you begin to get that because we all remember that and you wrote, we all wanted to believe there were survivors. It’s funny, the power of human denial, even though we saw that spark in the sky. You only had a couple of hours to write that speech. We had to scramble. I was very lucky that a woman who had been with the president came in and gave me notes of what he had just said in his office. And that became the spine of the speech, but that was a really challenging day.

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