gold ore milling equipment and gold ore dressing plant

The current mainstream gold process, usually by ore milling equipment , and then into the gold ore dressing equipment mill was grinded by gravity separation, flotation concentrate and tailings , extracted by chemical methods, finally, after refining, the final product be finished gold.

Gold Ore Dressing Plant
The first section after breaking into the double-layer vibration sieve, the upper and middle products through re crushing products with second stage crushing, second stage crushing product returns with first stage crushing and screening products. After the screening of the final product through the first section of ball mill grinding and classification mechanism of closed circuit grinding, the graded overflow into second stage cyclone by ball mill after grinding, and then a cyclone closed circuit grinding.

First, the overflow of the flotation foam products two selection, three selection become concentrate products, the tailings after flotation of one roughing and one selection, two selection, three cleaning and one scavenging flowsheet, a selection of tailings and a scavenging of foam products entering the cyclone to grade, two times of cleaning and don’t pick, a selection circuit choose don’t, three selection and two selection form a closed separation.

Crushing and grinding are mainly made by mineral processing equipment (jaw crusher) for coarse crushing. The standard cone crusher is used for crushing and crushing, and short head type cone crusher and roller crusher are adopted. Most of the medium and small-sized gold mining plants are broken by two sections and one closed circuit, and the large scale gold mining plant adopts three sections and one closed-circuit crushing process. In order to improve the yield and utilization coefficient of equipment, concentrator generally follow the principle of more crushing and less grinding, reduce the particle size of ore into the mill.

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