gold ore crusher

Gold ore is the main metal minerals extracted from pure gold, only the nobility in ancient gold can be used, and gold as a precious metal as a currency for the sale of goods. China’s gold distribution is relatively wide, out of Shanghai, other areas are distributed, the most representative of the gold mining area in Inner Mongolia, Henan, Shandong, Shaanxi, Gansu, Qinghai, Anhui, Shanxi and other places. In order to extract gold in the gold mine will have a lot of complex steps, the most important of which is broken and mineral processing, the face of a large number of equipment to select the appropriate gold processing equipment, ZENITH machines for the gold mining enterprises to recommend.
Gold ore crushing equipment
1, jaw crusher
Jaw crusher is a more popular crushing equipment, for the broken gold ore has a good crushing effect and yield. The device uses “V” type of crushing chamber design, there are two jaw plate to complete the gold ore crusher, a fixed jaw, fixed on the front wall of the body, one for the moving jaw position tilt, and the jaw formed on a Big small broken cavity. Moving jaw against the jaw to do the reciprocating action, close to the gold ore when the extrusion, broken, leaving the finished product after the break into the free fall movement. The equipment is simple and easy to operate, in the staff induction training, do not need to spend too much time to master the entire contents of the equipment, such as: structural features, working principle, operating procedures, maintenance methods, maintenance and so on.
2, cone crusher
Cone crusher is a combination of Chinese and Western new Quarry Crusher, crushing capacity and the effect is in other crushing equipment on top, with great advantages, once available to get the active use of many enterprises. The device uses a labyrinth seal technology to reduce the occurrence of dust and noise, compared with other devices more in line with the current environmental trends. The design of the crushing chamber of the device is also a big bright spot, no longer a traditional single crushing chamber, but a combination of multiple crushing chambers, the customer can choose according to their own requirements which combination of crushing chamber, Build. The machine also has a safety hydraulic device, when there is a foreign body into the crushing chamber, the device starts, the device automatically adjust the size of the discharge port to achieve the foreign body can be completely ruled out, these are completed after the equipment has returned to its original position. Such a smart device, can effectively reduce the probability of damage caused by the appearance of equipment caused by foreign body.
3, hammer crusher
Hammer crusher mainly rely on the impact of the hammer to complete the broken gold ore, the device is the biggest feature is up to 30% yield, while the needle is also reduced by more than 20%, is a highly efficient energy-saving crusher. The equipment has a strong crushing capacity, coarse, medium, crushing step in place, the use of a device can achieve multiple equipment crushing effect and production for the enterprise to save more resources and costs, less investment, fast income. Hammer crusher hammer, sieve are used high-quality high manganese alloy casting, compared with ordinary materials, better impact resistance and wear resistance, extending the service life of wearing parts, reducing the frequency of replacement , Improve the overall efficiency of the equipment.
Gold ore dressing equipment
1, ball mill
The ball mill is the key to the re-processing of the gold ore after the break, because the machine is all named after the ball. According to the different discharge, can be divided into lattice type and overflow type, according to the different materials, but also divided into dry and wet two kinds of grinding methods, companies mind according to their needs to select different types of ball mill. The machine’s feed port is relatively large, the processing capacity increases, the output also increases. There is no inertia impact of the ball mill, the equipment in the operation process is relatively stable, reducing the downtime parking maintenance time, improve the production efficiency.
2, high-frequency screen
High-frequency sieve is a fine-grained gold ore sieving grading of the effective equipment, the sun has three different layers of the composition of the screen ah, according to the size of the sun drying different specifications of the finished product. The screen is more energy efficient, the entire device power consumption of not more than 1.2kw. One of the characteristics of high-frequency sieve is through high-frequency vibration, can be divided into thinner, better gold ore finished and no impurities.
The above is a brief introduction to the gold ore processing equipment, in addition to the equipment mentioned in the article, there are impact crusher, composite crusher, two-stage crusher can be used for gold ore crushing; rod mill, grading Machine, drum sieve can also be used for gold ore dressing, in the ZENITH machine can choose to the price is reasonable, excellent quality gold ore processing equipment, welcomed the new and old customers to buy.

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