Gold mine tailings

Gold ore is a major beneficiation ore beneficiation ore resources, each year China uses a variety of gold mining vessels and other ways to dig sand gold mine, the annual excavation amounted to more than 70 million cubic meters, this number is not small, but with this At the same time, gold mining vessels supporting the selection of the concentrator after the tailings of the tail is also quite large, up to 252,000 tons per year.
This is a fairly large number, because these tailings contain a lot of useful substances, such as magnetite, hematite, ilmenite and garnet, which can be used to recover. Not only that, according to SBM understand, selected plant tailings in gold grade is generally higher.
In recent years, China’s comprehensive utilization of tailings in the gold mine has done a lot of work, the effect is very large, and many concentrates throughout the country have been personally verified, sand gold mine tailings can be said to be a hidden treasure, worth We in-depth study, the use of recycling.
Such as Ankang gold ore crusher through repeated trial and trial production, and ultimately found that the use of three-stage dry magnetic separator & shade selection process, each year from the tailings in the separation of iron concentrate 1700t, recovery of gold 2.187kg, The output value of 44.12 million yuan.
Shaanxi Hengdian gold mine with a single 5c600m × 600m permanent magnet single roll dry machine, magnetic field strength of 87.58KA / m, from the tailings can be selected from the grade of 65% to 68% of the iron concentrate, concentrate Rate of 31.2%, annual iron ore can be produced 1100t, and the use of shaker from the recovery of gold 1.5309kg, to create a value of nearly 30 million.
Another example is the Han Yin gold mine, on the basis of the experiment combined with the actual situation, the choice of magnetic field strength of 135.35KA / m wet magnetic separator from the tailings in the separation of iron ore, the iron concentrate grade 65% The output value of 500,000 yuan. The mine also used a screening process, with an annual output of ilmenite 360t, garnet 468t and iron when the election is not selected net magnetite 216t, the recovery of fine gold Dander 1.218kg, create a value of up to 1.7 million yuan.
Changchun Institute of Geology after the experimental study using re-election & mdash; magnetic separation and magnetic fluid static sorting process, the total gold recovery rate of 85% or more, especially the magnetic fluid sand gold selection machine for fine grain gold recovery effect. Heilongjiang Luo North Armed Police Corps detachment of a selected plant using the process, the recovery rate of 85% or more. Re-election & mdash; magnetic separation and re-election & mdash; shaker magnetic separator & mdash; mdash; magnetism Roasting & mdash; & mdash; magnetic separation & mdash; & mdash; magnetic fluid manager sorting two joint processes. Gold recovery rate of 97.43%, iron recovery rate of 94.83%, zircon recovery rate of 79.2%. Annual recovery of fine grain gold 5.4kg, magnetite 129t, hematite, limonite, ilmenite mixed iron ore 332t, zircon 1140g, annual net profit of 89,000 yuan.
A number of sand and gold mine tailings around the case to prove the comprehensive utilization of sand gold mine tailings, and we provide a number of sand gold ore dressing program, but the specific choice of which program, but also need to combine the characteristics of gold To choose. SBM specializes in producing all kinds of magnetic separation production line, flotation production line and other mineral processing equipment, equipment, excellent quality, high efficiency of mineral processing, mineral processing effect is good, the price is reasonable, but also free of charge for your tailor-made mineral processing process, welcome to consult the purchase.

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