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Geotextile products

Geotextile products: hot sale prevent grass growth geotextile with a wide range of geotextiles refer to permeable geotextiles, also known as short-staple geotextiles, polyester filament geotextiles with other geotextiles, and waterproof geotextiles. Geotextile price description: In many areas of the country’s geotextile manufacturers, the prices of products are different. Due to the influence of raw material prices and regional differences, good products should be worth a penny.

Geotextile product quality national standard and non-national standard point, for maintenance, then you can use non-national standard. The geotextile specifications are 100 g/m2, depending on the price or weight. Geotextile manufacturers are more professional and more reasonable prices Taian. You should shop around and compare a lot. The price of geotextile filament and staple fiber geotechnical.

Only designed for use in areas with high strength requirements. A nonwoven industrial fabric of a short geotextile, using a fiber fineness of 6 to 12 denier and a crimped short fiber of a length of 54 to 64 mm of polyester as a starting material. The construction industry is a great undertaking, and the filament geotextile is an indispensable material, including geotextile manufacturers also play a very important role, its acid waterproof performance to meet the project’s many people who are leading the geotextile manufacturers. Under the belief of the demand, geotextiles will have a good development. The filament geotextile is used for civil engineering construction, the filament fiber is laid into a mesh through various equipments and processes, and the new material through the needling process allows different fibers to be interwoven, and the fabrics are fixed to each other to be standardized and intertwined, thereby making the fabric It is soft, plump and firm, to meet different thicknesses to meet the requirements. Here we are concerned about what plays an important role in the construction of filament geotextiles.

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