Geomembrane WeldingGeomembrane anti-seepag

Geomembrane Welding

Geomembrane anti-seepage geotechnical materials, presumably many customers should be familiar with it. One of the most concerned issues is the issue of high quality textured hdpe geomembrane welding. Today, we will introduce you to the welding of HDPE geomembrane in special parts. Let’s take a look at it:

1. Connection of dam pipe and geomembrane: Firstly, the HDPE geomembrane is cut into a trumpet-shaped pipe sleeve according to the diameter of the leachate through the dam pipe, divided into 6-8 small pieces, and then the pipe sets are ordered from large to small. The sleeve is inserted into the dam tube, and the position of the sleeve is adjusted appropriately and temporarily fixed by a hot air welding torch. The sleeve cannot be suspended, and finally the sleeve of the sleeve is welded to the HDPE geomembrane and the leachate through the dam tube. The geomembrane is reinforced with stainless steel hoops.

2. At the intersection of the slope of the reservoir area and the bottom of the reservoir, there are many blind trenches in the design. First, the HDPE geomembrane is laid along the dam surface at a distance of 1.5 meters away from the blind ditch and then connected to the base film. The welding of the adjacent two pieces is: first welded and then pressed into the blind ditch.

3. The intersection of the slope, that is, the bend of the dam slope: laying and welding are special cases. Special cutting according to the actual conditions can make the HDPE geomembrane close to the dam slope base, otherwise it will cause ��hanging�� or ��drumming�� phenomenon. In this area, the operator should carefully measure the HDPE geomembrane into an inverted trapezoid with a narrow upper and lower width.

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