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Hangzhou Bay Bridge is scheduled at 11 58 p m on May 1 2008 the opening of trial operation The bridge will shorten the road between Ningbo to Shanghai more than 120 kilometers away and this move into the Greater Shanghai Wenzhou shoe provides greater convenience of traffic on the Yangtze River Delta will enhance the brand of Wenzhou shoe point of national radiation To the rich first access location location or a lot Terminal is a battlefield rob customers Wenzhou shoe enterprises is still an unavoidable topic of competition Yangtze River Delta city of shop rents are high we should find a good shop shoe shop to make make more money is not easy for Wenzhou shoe the current king of the terminal of competition or stress harmony key to success then Wenzhou shoes The success of these brands such as Aokang red dragonfly Italy Erkang Kangnai spider king here is how it all show 1 Shanghai Wenzhou shoe strategy the quot encircling the cities quot send forces to Shanghai During his inspection in Shanghai the author obviously felt the extraordinary charm of the Yangtze River Delta economy and only the Shanghai Songjiang District a street of red dragonflies have two pairs of the specialty shops Aokang also have several stores and shops that are red Jie Hao dragonfly and Aokang next follow up where the first analysis of the leading brands Brand Jie Hao Aokang and follow up attack Shanghai market initiatives Aokang According to public information Aokang of quot encircling the cities quot and quot feelings about suburban urban talk about the brand quot marketing strategy has been around for several years maintained a high growth rate of 100 this growth rate to the sit tight in the first branch company Aokang country In order to adapt to market demand for large Aokang Shanghai the Shanghai company will move to the original warehouse address Jinshan District the establishment of an area of about 3000 square meters of new warehouse as a logistics base the company opened a Shanghai operation speed Aokang new prologue thus increasing the pace of opening stores Aokang today by sports marketing generous not only to achieve homogeneous than the domestic market but also to achieve a qualitative leap in the international market which market performance in the Yangtze River Delta is more prominent to become the leading brand of Wenzhou shoes creative force II stationed in a prefecture level cities the downtown business district multi shop a good shop good image so that shops can be distributed as terminal such as media advertising effect to demonstrate the viability of the brand with strong brand position Radiation around the shop to sample list showing extraordinary brand viability and competitive position strong Wenzhou shoe enterprises through the cooperation and high end shopping centers or sample list flagship store development to build the case to achieve their own in a market such as Shanghai Ningbo Hangzhou and other cities of the base set up in Wenzhou shoe brand strength and image Jiaxing case as reflected on the more typical situation Jiaxing is a typical level in the Yangtze River Delta city is the center of the Yangtze River Delta cities the local giants South Tower were both wearing dream Stores Format also Hexing Road Zhongshan East Road thrift Road and Jianguo South Road The street store is the place Jiaxing human consumption Wenzhou shoes Aokang better sales excluding sub brand dual Aokang stores have two shops department stores Yetai South Building there are special room 1 downtown business district a total of three stores Through more than shop the shop not only activate the internal resources but also competition to grab more sales opportunities to meet different consumer needs this city of more than one form of store level especially in a city of great significance Therefore Aokang shoes in Wenzhou a city brand and set up a leading position can be considered in the long term efforts to stabilize the heel in the other such as Kangnai Red Dragonfly etc are also competing here in due course the market share with the regional advantages and increase consumption brand awareness Jiaxing were relatively strong therefore Wenzhou shoes need to improve on the hair of brand strength Hangzhou 39 s main shopping district is centered WuLin northbound commercial circles and in Yan 39 an Jiefang Department Store Solution 100 as the center of the extension of An Lunan business cycle Yan 39 an Road bustling business cycle shop to one million more than the annual rent high rent input store management to achieve balance in the short term is unrealistic or profit but the red dragonfly set in this flagship store once at 3 00 p m half shift changes I see in the stores dressed in uniforms of red dragonflies staff a total of more than 20 with the entrance hall the atmosphere atmosphere really enjoy the focus on the red dragonfly makes a huge cultural impact shoes Aokang in Yanan Road North shopping district has opened two stores one of the launch in 2008 of double Olympic facade a new image store so you can drive around the area of radiation and set up shop its far reaching Other similar such as Ningbo Tianyi Square business district Aokang shoes stand out in Wenzhou showing the strong brand 39 s competitive position maximize the radiation with Author’s Resource Box I am an expert from yaisu nike roshe run floral , while we provides the quality product, such as China 3D Cinema System  nike kaishi run mens trainers , Motion Theater Chair Manufacturer, 3D Theater System nike roshe run ireland ,and more.

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