Forget the places assigned as you did at your wedding reception

Few but good
As mentioned, the number of passengers you will encounter on the bridges of your river cruise ship will be relatively few. It will therefore be easier to make friends, thanks to the sharing of tables during meals. Forget the places assigned as you did at your wedding reception: on board there will be no original wedding place card with your name.

Greater speed

We are not talking about the speed of navigation Party Dresses, how much of that of docking and disancoro. Exactly: you will dock to the ports more easily, thanks to the smaller dimensions of the ship; also you can use smaller ports that will allow you to reach the city center with greater speed. When it is time to return to the ship, the document checks will be faster as the number of passengers will be more manageable and therefore you will have more time available for excursions.

China: the cruise on the blue river
We come to the point: we suggest a wonderful cruise in China black summer bridesmaid dresses, the one that navigates the famous „blue river“, following the proposals of your travel agency of trust. This route is an alternative to the classic stages in the eastern tourist lands: the Yangtze River, with its 6400 kilometers, is not only the longest in China but also the third longest in the world and plots places of enormous charm.

Once you land in Chengdu, you will travel by train to Chongqing, which is located at the confluence of the Yangtze and Jialing rivers. The latter is crossed by a fascinating bridge: after traveling to explore the Old Town, the Hill of the Medlars and the Muse, you can finally embark. You will thus disembark in Shibaozhai for a fantastic excursion and the next day you will pass through the evocative Three Little Gorges of the Yangtze, on board of agile boats equipped for navigation along the narrow river arms. Finally you will arrive in Shanghai and you will have all the time to visit the huge Chinese metropolis … what do you think?

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