Foam pumps are usually push-type

Foam pump is the packaging of common daily chemical cleaning products. The foam pump is designed by internal structure, and the liquid and gas containing foaming agent are mixed by pressure to form foam, and the foam flows out evenly through a filter screen for use.

The general basic structure of the foam pump is to have an air chamber for supplying the gas required for mixing the foam and a liquid chamber for mixing the liquid required for mixing the foam, a pressure source for supplying the gas and the liquid required for mixing the foam, and a channel for mixing the gas and the liquid required for mixing the foam.

Patents of various foam pumps are to produce the unique structure and performance of each foam pump through different designs of these universal basic structures.

The commonly used foam pump product is a push-type foam pump. When in use, the pump head of the foam pump needs to be pressed first to pump the foam out of the hand, and then the foam on the hand is used. This type of push foam pump is usually composed of a combination of several parts.

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