Fluoridation Will Resume in Florida County

The voters in one of Florida’s largest counties made their wishes known a few weeks ago. Now, the Pinellas County Commission has spoken by voting this week to resume water fluoridation. An editorial in the Tampa Bay Times tells the story:

It took nearly 14 months, an election and the clarion voice of Pinellas County voters to persuade county commissioners to correct a serious error in judgment micro motor. It will take until March to carry out the commission’s order to resume adding fluoride to the drinking water. For 700,000 water customers, the benefits should last a lifetime.

Tuesday’s 6-1 vote to add fluoride back into the drinking water caps a long public controversy that reaffirms the centrist judgment of Pinellas voters and their embrace of sound science and sensible government. New commissioners Charlie Justice and Janet Long decided to run for office in part because the commission voted 4-3 to stop adding fluoride in January.

… Tuesday’s fluoride decision transcends partisan politics. It means Pinellas water customers will rejoin more than 200 million people nationwide who drink optimally fluoridated water. It means those customers will once again benefit from the most effective, cost-efficient method of reducing tooth decay even with the widespread use of fluoridated toothpaste.What Is The Best Technique For Brushing? for more information.

… There were the predictable hysterical warnings from fluoride opponents about “forced mass medication,” poisoning the population and government conspiracies. There were the misrepresentations of academic studies of the negative effect of fluoride in countries where the levels far exceed the recommended level in the United States. There were references to God’s will, lead pipes in ancient Rome and Hitler’s Germany.

Those sorts of scare tactics and political threats worked in 2011, but the voters demonstrated this month that they are more sensible and expect better from their elected officials. The new commission voted to resume adding fluoride into the drinking water at the revised level proposed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. dental vibrator

Minnesota Town Receives CDC Water Quality Award

Coon Rapids, Minnesota has been acknowledged by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for its “water fluoridation quality.” The Water Fluoridation Quality Award was presented for “consistent, high quality fluoridation practice.” Water fluoridation is an effective intervention against tooth decay.

According to Merry Jo Thoele from the Minnesota Department of Health, Minnesota was among 29 other states that received the quality award dental curing light. The city provides over 31,000 residents with fluoridated water.

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